Chemical Libraries

BCI Pharma wants to become a leading company in innovative chemical libraries.

Contemporary small molecule drug discovery often relies on high-throughput screening (HTS) of either structurally diverse or mechanistically focused compound library sets to identify hits that have the potential for multi-parameter optimization against biological targets of interest. Critical to the success of this approach is the availability of compounds in biologically relevant, drugable chemical space. Our main goal is to move into new or unexplored areas of chemical space with the expectation of finding activity against difficult to target protein systems with structurally novel compounds.

Many scientific papers demonstrate that commercial chemical libraries occupy a limited chemical space. BCI Pharma will offer innovative compound collections which will explore uncovered chemical universes. Bio-informatics will be used to support the design of new chemical libraries. Preliminary in-vitro (EC50 or IC50 and CC50) data will be generated to convince partners.

Our focus will be on innovation, quality and client-oriented products.