Kinase inhibitor library

Bikin 1

Bikin 2

Bikin 3

Bikins are novel and patented kinase inhibitor libraries which contains 500 small molecules.
They are based on a new chemotype (a natural fragment).

They are based on a new chemotype (a natural fragment) and focus mainly on allosteric Type III and IV.

Added values



New scaffold able to generate selective
Type I-IV kinase inhibitors


An upfront bioinformatic analysis allows us to focus the synthesis on high promising drugs (high scoring value).


We select around about 20 kinases based on structural diversity and calculate the binding of the proposed molecules.


Our goal is to offer a library where you should be able to pick Hits for your selected Kinase.


Focus on non-Type I to ensure long residence time= better clinical output.

High value

Activity validated
High solubility (low cLogP) and low MW (<400)
High capability for branching
Easy synthesis