BCI Pharma collaborates with :

a) ProtoQSAR ( Valencia (Spain) a company with huge expertise in modeling for the design of innovative kinase libraries. A subset of diverse kinases has been selected and chemistry proposals are docked to validate ideas.

b) OnTarget Chemistry ( a Swedish-based company with a high track records in research on kinases and oncology and also performs the chemical synthesis.

The library has been profiled against a broad panel of kinases and patents will soon be submitted.

Data confirms the new scaffold has really kinase inhibitory properties and selectivity can be obtained too.

On the 815 points generated (% inhition at 10uM), 10 value are greater than 50% and one reach 84%.

On the 50 kinases, 10 are inhibited by at least one compound.

Biological data

Jan / 23rd / 2014